El Paso Police say the woman in a viral video posted to Facebook yesterday was drunk.

A Facebook post by a person that claims to be the officer’s daughter said that the officer was responding to a call of a woman that had punched the clerk inside 7 Eleven, however, the official report from EPPD has no mention of it. There was no call made to police, according to a statement issued today.

“A Mission Valley officer was on a traffic stop (unrelated) at 100 S. Zaragoza when a concerned motorist stopped to pass along information of a female (identified as GONZALEZ) who was in the roadway and banged on his the driver’s side window of his vehicle,” said the statement. “The motorist returned to the officer while still on the traffic stop to tell him that Gonzalez was at the 7-11.”


The woman, 35-year-old Virginia Gonzalez of El Paso, was intoxicated and punched the officer in the face when he tried to arrest her, according to El Paso Police. Gonzalez was arrested for Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest Search or Transport, however, she was not charged for punching the officer.

The original video with nearly 100,000 views has been removed, however, several other videos by other photographers are beginning to surface. In the video, you can hear people say that the officer punched the woman in the face, although that is not on video.

“The El Paso Police Department is aware that a video of this incident was placed on social media. At this time, it appears that the officer used the necessary force to effect the arrest,” said a statement from the El Paso Police.