An El Paso Police officer allegedly punched a woman in the face before dropping her to the ground during a scuffle at a local 7-11 Convenience Store on Free Slurpee Day.

In a Facebook Live video posted by Selenaa Jerk, an officer is seen forcibly holding the woman against the wall as he tells her to “calm down” throughout the incident. The unidentified woman is heard screaming “I can’t hear anything” and “I can’t breathe” while the cop continues to restrain her outside a Lower Valley 7-11. Shortly after the woman is dropped to the ground where bystanders can be heard saying that they witnessed the officer punch the woman in the face before the incident escalated.

“She didn’t do nothing bro. You punched her in her face,” said a man in the background.

The woman, who was uncooperative until backup arrived, appeared to have urinated on herself. A Live PD cameraman was spotted filming the incident. The woman was ultimately arrested. No other information was immediately available.


The incident comes just days after a different El Paso Police Officer was spotted pointing his gun at a group of unruly kids. The video has been seen millions of times and made national headlines.

It is also unknown if the incident had anything to do with Free Slurpee Day.

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EPPD vs Woman

Editor’s note: The original video has been removed from Facebook.