A video posted to Facebook on Friday shows an El Paso Police Officer pointing his gun at unarmed children during a heated confrontation.

The five-minute video, posted by Aj-king Stoner, starts after the incident began and immediately shows a police officer pointing his gun at a boy after he and a group of kids were shouting attacks at the officer, who appeared to be in the process of detaining another boy on the sidewalk.


The video had reached 91,000 views after only two hours of being posted.

Several minutes into the video, the officer orders the kids to leave, where most of them argue and cuss back until he forcibly moves them out of the way. One woman is then seen arguing in the officers face and then running when the officer tries to detain her.

It is unclear why the police were initially called, although El Paso 411 has reached out to the department for further info.

Watch: EPPD vs Children


Note: Facebook disabled video sharing. This is a new upload from YouTube.