Thousands of El Pasoans received a mysterious phone call from several different Russian phone numbers on Monday.

The El Paso 411 Media Center received a tip at around 5 a.m. saying that a large number of people at a local Walmart all received a cell phone call from a Russian based phone number at the same time. Just a few hours later, employees from Podium Finish Sport Boutique-Cafe-Indoor training reached out to say that about 22 customers all received a phone call between 5 am and 6 am as well. Throughout the day nearly a dozen people reached out to El Paso 411 seeking information about the calls.

At around 5 pm, while writing this story, our hotline also received a phone call from +7 954 400 00 33, a Russian phone number.

When answered, the phone call drops. When we called back, a voice recording says “Someone sent you a love song” and then proceeds to play a song, where we quickly hang up. Subsequent calls were unsuccessful. ( Please note, we do not encourage you to call these numbers. Since it’s an international call, you’ll likely be charged an extra rate if you try to call back. My coworker also said the music could potentially be a brainwashing technique. [Let’s hope it’s not.])


Later in the day, Facebook page Only in El Paso asked their fans if they have been receiving phone calls from Russian phone numbers, where forty people responded that they had, as of publishing this story.

It’s unknown why so many people in El Paso are receiving these calls from Russia and what their purpose is, however it is setting an eerie tone throughout the city. We’ll reach out to local authorities to see if its any matter of public concern.

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