Anchors at El Paso news stations KFOX 14 and CBS Local 4, as well as dozens of prominent newscasters from Sinclair Broadcast Group around the country, were forced to read the same script that bashed on other media stations in support of Trump’s fake news stance.

The El Paso videos featured lead anchors Robert Holguin and Erika Castillo from KFOX and Shelton Dodson and Patricia Maese from CBS Local 4. Both of the stations are housed in the same building in West El Paso and are owned by Sinclair, the country’s largest broadcaster, also known for its conservative stands. KFOX was recently ranked the most-watched evening newscast in February’s Nielsen ratings.

In a viral video by Deadspin, dozens of clips are compiled to show all of the stations residing the exact same message. That message included wording such as “some media outlets publish these same fake stories … without checking facts first” and “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country,” before warning that this is “extremely dangerous to our democracy.” The video shows Shelton Dodson and Patricia Maese but not Robert Holguin and Erika Castillo.


The anchors then end the video by saying that they are different and are more reliable than others.

“While the message contains grains of truth,” Washington Post media and politics reporter Callum Borchers wrote in an analysis piece Monday, “it could leave the false impression that many reporters are fabricators — an idea Trump likes to promote because it grants voters permission to disbelieve whatever information they wish were untrue.”

Other segments that are shared through Sinclair’s stations are the Terrorism Alert Desk and segments from a news organization called Circa.

Online, the video has received a largely negative response, many saying that the “one-sided” claims are exactly what KFOX 14 and CBS Local 4 are doing themselves.

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