Chico’s Tacos has announced that they will be removing the most popular item on their menu: rolled tacos. The announcement comes just months after the restaurant confirmed to El Paso 411 that they changed their cheese.

Owner Mernie Bora says that recent backlash from the general public has caused profits to drop dramatically.

“We’re losing profits after switching to real cheese. People complained when we served fake cheese. Now they also complain when it’s real,” he told El Paso 411. “I don’t understand the El Paso crowd, so we’re just going to completely remove the tacos from our menu.”


Bora says that they will focus on improving the other items on their menu and will introduce several new gourmet items, such as the Mountain Star Hot Dog, which will come with two all-beef hot dogs sliced down the middle and served on top of non-GMO Mexican influenced relish, that is made with homemade jalapeno sauce, much like what they currently serve as green salsa. The hot dogs will be topped with goat cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes, bacon, avocado, and fresh chili. The hot dog will still be served in between two hamburger buns, except now the customer will have the option to choose between a bruschetta or croissant bun, both of which will be made fresh daily. The buns will have the famous El Paso Star stamped on top of each bun, signifying the Mountain Star Hot Dog.

Chico’s Tacos opened in 1953 and is perhaps the best-known restaurant in El Paso, thanks to their tacos, which came served in a tomato like soup and topped with cheese. The company has been slowly closing locations around El Paso. Their Montana location shut down in 2016 after the property was sold to a CVS Pharmacy, and their McRae location closed in 2008. The public went into an uproar in 2016 when El Paso 411 questioned the taste of the cheese in a 2017 article. In 2016 El Paso 411 reported that the famous Chico’s Tacos bowls were also replaced, which received a negative response as well. Today, Chico’s Tacos says that they are working to improve the customer experience.

“We can’t please everyone,” Bora said. “In fact, we aren’t even aiming for that. This whole story is once again an April Fools prank by El Paso 411 and I’m not a real person. This story was completely made up. Happy April Fools!”

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