UTEP Basketball fans have been ranked among the most obnoxious in the entire game.

Thrillist, an online magazine, has released their list of 16 most obnoxious fans in college basketball and El Paso came in at number 7. It’s unknown if the article’s two authors have ever attended a game at the Don Haskins Center, but this is what they had to say.


“Going to a game at the Haskins Center, you might think to yourself ‘El Paso is no treasure but at least the game should be fun.’ Walking into the stadium, you realize everyone is screaming exceptionally loud for a weekday game against Rice. Then there’s a fight. Then a row of fans behind you doesn’t like a first half foul call and screams “You’re fucking gonna die, ref!” repeatedly, even during halftime. Then you realize all you can smell is a combination of whiskey, tequila, and more whiskey, and that you should probably get the hell out of there before someone mistakes you for that ref.”

Now, sure our fans can be a bit passionate, but obnoxious? Well, then again there are those fans that scream CULERO when they don’t get what they want, and let’s face it, that probably only happens in El Paso.

El Paso 411 😇

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Article: https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/worst-college-basketball-fans