People in El Paso spent nearly $11 million at bars and restaurants in January.

The numbers are finally in. El Paso’s most popular bar, once again, is EPTX, who earned $213,819, which is an extra $72,000 than the runner-up, Born and Raised, who reported $141,204 in revenue in January alone. EPTX has continuously ranked among the top bars nearly every month for half a year. Born and Raised quickly rose to the top five after their grand opening in June of 2017. The two bars, which are separately owned, have even joined forces for an Industry Night on Tuesdays. Industry Nights are an evening when bartenders, waitresses, and other people in the nightlife industry are invited for discounted drinks.


Coming in third place was Twin Peaks at the Fountains at Farah, a military hotspot, who reported $134,502 in January. Overall, $10,752,038 was spent on alcoholic drinks in El Paso in January, according to the Texas State Comptroller, which requires all establishments that serve alcohol to report their earnings. Houston reported $84,868,956, while Austin reported $54,243,672 and San Antonio had $44,464,702.

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