Ever since Live PD added El Paso to their list of featured cities, we’ve learned quite a bit about the various and interesting calls that the El Paso Police Department has to respond to. This weekend, we learned about the man in a thong.

Officer Lugardo Garcia and Officer Jorge Carreon responded to the call.

“Right now we just got dispatched to a subject disturbance. All we know is that this guy is just walking around in a thong,” said Officer Garcia during the show that aired on March 24.


The man ended up not actually wearing a thong, but some booty shorts. “My boyfriend left me,” he said. “He got mad and kicked me off the car.” As far as why he was wearing the short shorts, he said “It’s just my shorts.”

In El Paso, it’s not illegal for men to wear short shorts in public.

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El Paso man in thong stopped by El Paso Police