During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, British Comedian John Cleese said El Paso was “slow.”

In the show, which aired on March 15, The Monty Python and Holy Grail co-founder was asked what type of questions he usually receives during a Q&A after his performances, to which he replied “you don’t know… if it’s a great audience you have a good time, and if it’s a slow audience like El Paso *scoffs*, you wonder at the end if they’re going to kill you.”


Meyers and the audience broke out into laughter. Cleese then said, “and they’re very nice and they clap so that was their way of enjoying it.”

The show, which was back in November of 2016 at the Plaza Theater, also featured Comedian Eric Idle. It was titled “John Cleese and Eric Idle’s ‘Together Again At Last … For the Very First Time'” and featured a scripted and improvised performance with several musical skits in between, although the show was not followed by a Q&A as it did in other cities.

El Paso 411 reached out to the Plaza Theater for attendance numbers for the show but that information was not available. We also tried to reach out to a John Cleese representative but did not receive a response.

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El Paso is mentioned at the 3:21 time mark.