Since 1999, What’s Up Magazine has been a source to find entertainment news, arts, and events for El Paso and the surrounding communities. That all came to an end on January 31, when the magazine printed their final publication.

“And as we enjoy the transformational journey of the digital age, it also means that we must evolve,” read an announcement in the final magazine. “It’s been a great ride, but we are ready to mature. In our case, that means that after 19 years, we are taking the next step with our sister, more ‘grown-up’ publication, El Paso Inc.”


Readers will now be able to get similar information under a new name in the lifestyle section of El Paso Inc.: The B Section. The publication will focus more on arts, more culture, more events and more sports coverage in the region. El Paso Inc. is a paid publication, however, there will also be free issues of The B Section distributed at 100 locations around town, which is down from 600, according to the company website.

“After almost two decades, we have given much thought to our next step. It might feel odd to not see What’s Up on the stands, but we want to reassure readers that we’re here and working on more.”

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