The Google Street View car is back in El Paso.

The car is updating its collection of 360-degree photos which it records as it drives through nearly every street in the city. It’s pretty hard to miss as the vehicle is wrapped in the signature Google Street View branding. The rooftop mounted camera is about eight feet tall and has 15 cameras facing all directions.

As El Paso grows and its landscape evolves, the Google Street View car returns for an update.


“Updating our imagery is something we do from time to time as part of our effort to provide users with the most comprehensive, accurate and useful maps possible,” said a Google statement. Google has recorded streets in El Paso since 2011. All license plates and peoples faces are blurred automatically before they are posted into the database.

The company usually sends their team into a city and even rents a house while the crew does nothing but drive around town and surrounding communities. The car is currently updating the downtown, central and UTEP areas and will move to other parts in the coming weeks. If you see the car around town, Google asks that you simply go about your day and not interrupt the drivers.

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