It’s been a year since anyone in El Paso has seen Meteorologist Stephen Decatur on television. The weatherman quit suddenly in January 2017 and then reemerged just three days later as a dancer at a gay club.

“I want a 9-5 schedule. Those are unheard of in the business,” Decatur told El Paso 411 last year when asked why he was leaving. However, recently he posted a surprisingly detailed explanation of his sudden departure.

“On January 1st, 2017 [the general manager] barraged my phone with angry texts during the newscast because I ‘did not issue a ‘First Alert’ when it stormed badly at his house thirty minutes prior. I attempted to explain to him that there were no warnings, no reports of damage, just some brief heavy rain, that had happened to happen over his house, but it was to avail. In typical fashion, if it impacted him, we had to make it a big deal. And that was the final straw. I was tired of working for a ____________________, so I quit.”

The problems allegedly continued with main anchors Estela Casas and Rick Cabrera.

“The main anchor was a straight up ______, and the other main anchor was the laziest journalist I’ve ever met (I hope he reads this and actually tries to do something with some integrity for once.)”


KVIA didn’t directly address Decatur’s story, however, General Manager Kevin Lovell released the following statement to El Paso 411: “Stephen Decatur was employed at KVIA for about six months and left employment a little more than a year ago. We have no comment on whatever he is doing now.”

Decatur, known online as the Gay Gringo, moved to El Paso from Abilene where he worked at KTAB News for a year and a half. He recently moved to Denver where he is now a Gogo Dancer at Tracks Denver, a gay club. He says that he plans on going back to school soon.

“I start grad school at the University of Colorado in the fall for Emergency Management. I plan to use my meteorology undergrad and background and my masters to work for FEMA doing disaster planning,” he said. ‘But until then I’m gonna enjoy being a Gogo at Tracks Denver, one of the best and biggest gay bars in the west.”

El Paso 411