It’s no secret that Malolam is one of El Paso’s top nightspots. The bar earned $1,908,361 from January to November of 2017 – the most of any bar or organization that serves beer, wine, and mixed drinks in the city.

Malolam introduced their unique and upscale concept in 2014: at day, it’s a heavily influenced Mexican style restaurant that serves your traditional Mexican plates, as well as street food favorites, such as corn in a cup, chicharrones and street tacos. At night, the cantina(bar) expands into a three-story party on the patio where guests can step outside and enjoy the sights of TI:ME at Montecillo, an upscale shopping center.

Malolam averaged $172,409 per month in alcohol sales in 2017, according to the Texas State Comptroller.

On the drink menu, it’s clear why El Pasoans have made Malolam the number one bar for 2017. There are plenty of local favorites with an added twist, such as the Cachito de Melon, which transforms an agua de melon into a cocktail with Maestro Dobel Tequila, mint, fresh lime and of course, chunks of cantaloupe. Other unique drinks are the Pineapple Coconut Margarita and the Sandia Picosa, which combines agua de sandia spiked with tequila, fresh lime, and ancho chile powder.

Malolam is locally owned and is part of Pan Y Agua, a restaurant group co-owned by El Paso entrepreneurs Nick Salgado, Octavio Gomez, and Rudy Valdes. The company name is a palindrome, where a word reads the same backward as forward. In this case, the word Malo, which translates to bad in English, is reversed and added at the end to create Malolam.

“It’s a name that sets the tone of ‘come let loose and have some fun,'” Salgado said. “Malolam has a great cantina vibe that is inviting to our guests.”

Three and a half years later, the guests agree: “everybody wants to get a little Malo.