Bitcoin? Ethereum? Cryptocurrency? These words were inescapable in 2017. But what exactly do they mean?

El Pasoans will have the opportunity to learn about how to use new technology to invest and make money at the Cryptocurrency Conference on Saturday, February 3 at the Judson F. Williams Convention Center in downtown El Paso. Organizers say it’s only a matter of learning and understanding the industry to be able to capitalize on it.

“I have been researching and using this technology for quite some time. I strongly believe it has amazing capabilities and is shifting the entire world. I want our city to be able to benefit from it. It’s very simple to learn and profit from it if you understand the background and the vision of the technology,” said Nahum Avila, organizer of the El Paso Cryptocurrency Conference.

Attendees of the El Paso Cryptocurrency Conference will walk away with a firm understanding of blockchain technology, why it is important and how they can make money investing in it now, while it’s still in its infancy. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge and the know-how to get started immediately.

“Blockchain technology is the future, not to mention a huge investment opportunity. It’s as significant as the creation of the internet,” said Paul Ward, an expert in cryptocurrencies. Ward will be a guest speaker at the El Paso Cryptocurrency Conference.

The El Paso Cryptocurrency Conference will include two sessions, one for beginners, which will walk attendees through this revolutionary technology for $30 per person, and one for advanced users looking to step up their cryptocurrency game for $30 as well, or $50 for both sessions.

Tickets are available for purchase at For more information visit