El Paso’s star on the mountain is shining brightly once again after it went dark suddenly last Friday.

El Paso 411 received many messages from concerned residents asking what was going on. According to Patrick Espinoza from the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, wires which power the star were damaged last week, presumably due to weather. A short prevented the star from illuminating fully.

Espinoza says the issue has been resolved and the star will be shining bright again tonight. Just in time for Christmas.

Star on the Mountain Fun Facts

  • The first star was built at only 50 feet wide by El Paso Electric in 1940.
  •  In 1946, the size increased to 459 feet, the width to 278 feet and 459 (150 W) lights were used. 
  • The star may be seen from the East, 100 miles from the air and 30 miles from the ground.
  • Traditionally, the star was lighted only during the Christmas season until 1993.
  • The star is lit every night at dusk and is turned off between midnight and 1 a.m.
  • In 2003, the star was named the world’s largest man-made illuminated star.
  • The star is funded by a sponsorship program coordinated by the El Paso Chamber of Commerce. For a donation, Star Lighters receive a certificate and a lapel pin commemorating the occasion. To have the star lit in honor or in memory of someone, you may call the El Paso Chamber of Commerce at 915- 534-0500.