When UBEReats called El Paso 411 in August to inform us that they would be coming to town, my initial thought was “heck yeah… tortas, enchiladas, and horchata delivered to my home whenever I want!”

The great thing about UBEReats is that everything is done in your smart phone, including payment. To order, customers must download the UBEReats app and place an order. The information is then sent to the restaurant, where they will cook your meal and then hand it over to your driver for delivery.

The service is bringing new revenue to local businesses. Other than pizza and Chinese food, delivery wasn’t really a thing in El Paso before UBEReats. Craving some pho? Pho Tre Bein can be at your home in 45 minutes, complete with appetizers and yes, even dessert. The same goes for the majority of the list, which includes thirty business total that range in food and drink options from cupcake shops to Mexican restaurants, to a tea bar.

The company has also partnered with fast food restaurants to provide food delivery 24 hours a day. Some favorites are Johnny Rockets and McDonalds.

It’s been a few months now and I’ve had my fare share of delicious food delivered straight to my door. The experience is always fast and convenient and the drivers are very friendly. UBEReats is working to bring more local restaurants on board, but for now these five will keep your tastebuds happy!

Five UBEReats El Paso Restaurants

Forti’s Mexican Elder Restaurant
Ciro’s Sea and Mexican Food
Pho Tre Bien Bistro
El Paso’s Bakery