The El Paso Police Department was one of six featured police departments on A&E’s Live PD last weekend.

The show follows police officers in real time across the country. It features live video feeds from multiple (usually six) law enforcement agencies throughout the United States as several law enforcement experts narrate and explain to the viewing audience what is happening.

In El Paso, the television crew followed El Paso Police Department’s Gang Unit. Two incidents were shown live, however, the El Paso portion of the show was cut short after technical issues. El Paso was scheduled to go live the next day as well, according to EPPD Spokesman Darrel Petry.

Instead, the crew stayed in El Paso and rode along with police officers to collect film that may be aired during pre-taped segments of the show.

Watch the show below, EPPD’s first appearance is around the 15:43 time mark.