Hello, I’m Ceasar, creator, and owner of El Paso 411. I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes these last four months… working on restructuring our organization so that we can continue our growth and service to the amazing people of El Paso. In the last month, I asked for your input on what we can do to provide a better service for you. I received an overwhelming response with more than 1200 completed surveys in just two weeks. I’ve read every single one of them and I have begun implementing changes. It’s been a long Summer filled with hard work, but I feel that we’re headed in the right direction and we’re reaching more people and growing faster than ever before. In the survey, the majority of you asked me to provide three main things: 1. A more reliable website. 2. Consistency with our articles. 3. Specific content on businesses, events and unique things to do around El Paso.

As with any growing local business, we face new challenges regularly. And we’ve done a pretty good job at staying afloat these last ten years. All of this work is dependant on the equipment that is used to produce our content. As El Paso 411 grows, so does the demand to keep up with our technology that allows us to bring you the content that you have grown to love. Our website is due for a much-needed upgrade. And our equipment is at least eight years behind. While our sponsors and advertisers are very much appreciated, the majority of their financial support goes right back into the company to pay for our operating costs, which includes our website servers, cost of production, research and planning, and of course to support the amazing people that contribute to our organization.

I’ve created a long-term plan that includes your suggestions and our goals to ensure the continued success of El Paso 411 for years to come. Throughout the week I’ll be telling you my plan on my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m going to need your help to make this happen. On Friday, September 15 I will launch our first ever Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise funds to pay for the costs that I mentioned above. Indiegogo is a website that brings people with great ideas together to raise money to turn creative goals into reality.

I’d really appreciate your support as this will kick start the next phase of our company and will allow us to bring you better and more reliable content. I love sharing my knowledge of El Paso with you and I look forward to continuing to make you proud. Thank you,

Ceasar Torres