Just when you thought that you have seen it all with the bags of chips served inside of your favorite meals at local restaurants, Wing Daddy’s Sauce House comes out with the Takis Fuego wings.

It’s the August flavor of the month and it is available at all Wing Daddy’s locations in El Paso through the end of August. The wings are doused in a sauce that contains crushed Takis Fuego chips, which are hot chili pepper and lime flavored corn tortillas. In addition to the flavor of the month, they offer twenty-four varieties of sauces. The company is not new to experimenting with unique flavors, they introduced the Flamin Hot Cheetos wings back in May, which was a huge hit.

“It reminds a lot of people of their childhood,” said Gerry Lopez, Head of Operations for Wing Daddy’s.

The company has six locations in El Paso, one in Horizon, and one in Las Cruces. Lopez says the company is currently trying new flavors and enjoys receiving feedback.

“We’re experimenting,” he said. “We try a different sauce every month and see what guests think. If they enjoyed it, we will discuss and add it to our everyday menu.”

Wing Daddy’s is also known for their unique frozen margaritas and massive burgers. The company is headquartered in El Paso and has other locations in Mexico, San Antonio, and the Dallas area, all of which serve the flavor of the month.