Whether you enjoy your coffee cold brewed, poured over or steamed, there are plenty of locally owned coffee shops in El Paso that offer just what you’re looking for. It’s a matter of getting out there and exploring your options, which many locals are not even aware that such places exist. Get ready to wake up with these five local coffee shops in El Paso that you absolutely must try.

In no particular order:

2Ten Coffee Roasters

2Ten has steadily been growing their presence in El Paso. From their stand alone location at Redd Rd and Belvidere to their Roastery at 3007 Montana, and their newest location at 145 E Sunset and Doniphan — 2Ten roasts coffee for many local restaurants in El Paso as well as their own locations. The Montana spot provides a unique look at the coffee making process with their in house roaster (and they’ll even give you a tour if you ask for one). Their Iced Honey Latte is a stand out on their menu. It’s smooth and pleasantly sweetened. You’ll want to return to try the abundance of coffee based drinks that this place offers. And if you have any questions, the staff is extremely inviting and welcoming.

3 Locations: 3007 Montana Ave 3007 Montana Ave, 643 N Resler Dr (915) 562-8200, 145 W Sunset Rd (915) 303-7077

Coffee Box

You can’t really miss the Coffee Box, or boxes.. they are two shipping containers stacked on top of each other in the heart of downtown El Paso. The staff is incredibly welcoming and you’ll appreciate that as you’ll likely have some questions about their unique drinks such as the Nitro Coffee, which is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas, kegged like beer and even served on tap. Grab some macaroons and go upstairs to complete the full Coffee Box experience as you overlook downtown El Paso from the patio or one of the windows in the container that floats over Main street.

Location: 401 N Mesa St

Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea

Kinley’s is a favorite for UTEP students and professionals. Their coffee is from Picacho Coffee of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Their Matcha Green Tea Frappe is a local favorite and absolutely delicious, try it with soy milk and you’ll find yourself becoming a regular in no time. The atmosphere inside is very relaxing, as if you’re visiting mom’s house for tea. There’s also a large patio and a whole separate building next door to accommodate larger crowds. If you come by the drive thru, you also get 10 percent off your order!

Location: 2231 N Mesa St (915) 838-7177

Global Coffee

The team at Global Coffee goes above and beyond to ensure that your drink is up to your preferences. But you’ll likely find yourself setting those aside when you discover their unique menu of drinks (which are truly unique), such as the Nutella Mocha Coffee (I’ll let your taste buds envision that one), the Chocopan, which is Mazapan candy with chocolate syrup, and the Arnold Palmer, which is half iced tea and half lemonade. The relaxing atmosphere is very welcoming and perfect for a day out with some friends that enjoy trying something different.

Location: 1513 N Zaragoza Rd (915) 777-1479

BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters

BLDG 6 takes pride in their fresh, hand roasted coffee, which is made on site every day. The variety of roasts will make you want to return to try them all. Some of which are from Guatemala and Mexico. Or just grab a bag or two in either ground form or whole bean. The baristas are well trained, they are pros at pour overs and espresso based drinks. BLDG 6 also offers bottled organic cold brew coffee for those that want a delicious pick me up while in a rush.

2 Locations: 11385 James Watt Drive (915) 629-2021, 216 Cincinnati Ave (915) 400-5428


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