People in El Paso spent $12,883,543 on alcohol at bars in June — which is up $647,680 from our last report in May.

That’s a 6% increase when compared to the same time last year. El Paso 411 obtained the information from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office, which requires bars and establishments that serve beer, wine, and mixed drinks, to report their sales every month.

The most sales from a restaurant were from Crave, which has fours locations and reported a combined $356,389. However, the one establishment that stands out is Tipsy Tiger, which came in at $200,246 – all of which was made at its only location at 1590 George Dieter Dr, earning it the number one spot in the city for the fourth straight month on El Paso 411’s Top Bars list.

El Paso 411 🍾

Here’s the list of El Paso 411’s top five bars for June 2017:

1. Tipsy Tiger $200,246

2. Gringo Theory $181,669

3. College Dropout $169,330

4. Whiskey Dick’s $157,323

5. Ojos Locos $150,097