Hey Las Cruces, you’re the first in line to try Dion’s new Green Chile Ranch sauce!

The popular New Mexico-headquartered pizza chain, which many people from El Paso drive just to enjoy a slice along with that amazing ranch, has announced that they will begin testing the new sauce beginning on Wednesday, August 2 at their two Las Cruces locations before eventually making its way to all of their 23 locations — if Las Cruces approves.

“We are letting the people of Las Cruces get the first taste while we test our Green Chile Ranch,” said a post on their Facebook page. “Since they are closest to Hatch, NM, aka the land of Green Chile, we thought they would be pretty great judges. ”

Dion’s is headquartered in Albuquerque and has made a name for themselves thanks to their ranch dressing, among their delicious handmade pizzas, salads, and subs. The city of Albuquerque went mad in January when the company temporarily stopped production of the sauce. It returned a few weeks later.

Dion’s anticipates making more than 4.2 million cups of ranch in 2017. The company says they have no plans to sell the green chile ranch version in any stores — yet.

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