El Pasoans have a new, upscale alternative nightlife spot to hang out.

Touch Bar and Nightclub had always stood out from the rest when it was located in downtown El Paso. While a new trend is forcing several dance clubs to announce the closure of their one popular dance floors, this spot has expanded and relocated to 11395 James Watt in East El Paso. A first for this type of hotspot in the city.

Much of their success is due to their increasingly popular fashion shows, which take center stage on a new state-of-the-art platform, complete with modern lighting and sound system. For the performers, there’s an equally large backstage with Hollywood-like dressing rooms for nearly a dozen people to prepare at the same time. The dancefloor has also quadrupled in size when compared to their old location in downtown.

The bar has received a big upgrade. There are two massive bars with dozens of stools for you to have a seat and mingle with your date or friends while enjoying a drink. There are also about a dozen tables located on the dance floor as well. If you’re looking for the VIP treatment, there’s an entirely new section set aside for that. It will undergo an expansion soon that will include a second patio. Not too far away is their new kitchen that is currently under construction. The restrooms provide a Vegas-style atmosphere, complete with televisions. It’s a different experience for El Paso.

Their hard work and dedication to the gay community of El Paso is reflected on their growing fan base, which has groups of people wrapped around the building every weekend. It’s attracted large-scale performers such as Andrew Christian, a popular American men’s underwear, swimwear, and sportswear company. They will host a talent search event at the club on Saturday, July 15 with Andrew Christian himself in El Paso that night.

While Touch Bar and Nightclub may be a gay, bi, and transgender hotspot, what makes it special is that people from all aspects of life come by and feel comfortable in a relaxing, nonjudgemental environment.