There is an old story that El Pasoans have passed on to each other for decades. It takes place on one West El Paso neighborhood road, where if you stop and put your car in neutral just before the road climbs up the mountain, it will begin to move up on its own.

It’s been nicknamed Gravity Hill and it takes place on Thunderbird and Twin Hills Drive. We looked into the story and found various different versions, however, they all agree on one thing — five people died there. A mother and her four children. They were traveling up the hill when their vehicle lost control and jumped a retainer wall and killed all after it landed in the Arroyo. The children and their mother allegedly haunt the street to this day. However, they come in peace, as the legend says… if you stop just before the hill climbs up and put your car in neutral, it will begin to move up the mountain on its own… or could it be the family of five working together to get you out of harm’s way?


Many people have said the story is false. However, others have said it’s true.. because if you look at your bumper afterward, you can see handprints of where the family pushed your car up the hill.

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Disclaimer: The road is a public road, however, there are homes nearby. If you visit, keep in mind that you must obey all traffic laws and be respectful to the neighborhood. El Paso 411 assumes no responsibility for anyone that shows up and we discourage such actions.