The hot dog craze has finally arrived in El Paso.

From the Westside to Horizon City, hot dog carts and food trucks continue to sprout in random corners of town. Thanks to their success and the support of residents, several of them have even upgraded to full-fledged restaurants. The great thing about living in El Paso is that our hot dogs aren’t just any average wiener in between two buns. We have Juarez dogs… and they can vary in toppings from carne asada to a bag of Doritos… yes Doritos.

In celebration of National Hot Dog Month, here are El Paso 411’s best places to get a hot dog in El Paso, in no particular order.

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The List

In no particular order, they’re all equally amazing.

El Doggy Kitchen

Dog & Dog’s Cravings

Hot and Juicy

Big Dog Hot Dogs