El Pasoans spent more than twelve million dollars on booze at bars in May of 2017.

That’s up more than five percent when compared to the same time last year, according to information obtained by El Paso 411 from the Texas state comptroller’s office. Every month, each bar in the state is required to submit how much they sold at their establishments in beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

In the Sun City, $12,235,863 was spent in just one month – however that number is not so high when compared to other Texas cities such as San Antonio, where people there spent $44,829,278 in May alone. El Paso 411 compiled a list of the top five establishments from El Paso that earned the most, according to revenue submitted to the state in May.

The Top 5, in order

The Top 7, in order

1 THE LEGENDARY TIPSY TIGER 79936 2017/05 $210,058
2 COLLEGE DROPOUT 79902 2017/05 $168,644
3 GRINGO THEORY 79936 2017/05 $168,486
4 OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA 79925 2017/05 $148,759
5  TWIN PEAKS 79925 2017/05 $127,459
6 POCKETS BILLIARDS AND FUN 79936 2017/05 $126,359
7 WHISKEY DICKS 79936 2017/05 $124,805