El Paso has been listed among the worst cities in America when it comes to education.

A new study by Wallethub has ranked the Sun City number 139 out of the 150 largest cities in America when it comes to the most educated. That puts El Paso at number 12 least educated. Wallethub, a personal finance website, says that those with a bachelors degree earn on average forty percent more than those that only have a high school diploma.

“In states where workers have the least schooling, for instance, the median wage is $15 an hour compared with $19 to $20 an hour in states where 40 percent or more of the working population hold a bachelor’s degree or higher,” said their report. “Local governments appear to be catching on and maximizing the appeal of their cities to college graduates.”

So they took a look at where people are putting their degrees to work “and thus are most valuable to their local economies.”

Nine key metrics were used to determine the ranking which compared the share of adults aged 25 and over that only have a high school diploma to those that went to college and those that have a professional degree; the quality of public schools, universities, students enrolled in Top 231 Universities per capita, as well racial education gap, and gender education gap.

El Paso scores

Overall rank: 139/150 cities
Educational attainment: 144/150 cities
Quality of education/Education gap: 67/150 cities
Smallest Racial Education Gap: 2/150 cities

Total score: 27.77/100

Nearby cities and their rank

Albuquerque: 45/150 cities
Phoenix: 61/150 cities
San Antonio: 109/150 cities
Austin: 9/150 cities
Houston: 79/150 cities

Annual Median Household Income Ranking