“Another lump of noodles, please” — aka Kaedama.

It’s El Paso’s only authentic ramen noodle food truck.. or bus. Either way, you can’t miss it as two dudes are usually sticking out from the roof while they prepare your bowl of delicious noodles. All of the items on the menu usually come with some interesting choice of ingredients like the marinated egg and Kamaboko, which are slices of steamed fish cake… it’s pretty much a Japanese orgasm in your mouth.

Ramen aside, they also serve sushi burritos, which aren’t your average sushi roll. It’s a sushi roll on steroids. They even make their own eel sauce.

Kaedama likes to hang out in the downtown area. To see where they’re at tonight, check them out on their Facebook.

Fun Fact: Most Tonkotsu ramen restaurants offer a system known as kae-dama (替え玉), where customers who have finished their ramen can request a “refill” to be put into their remaining soup.