When it comes to Mexican food in El Paso, we know where to get all of the favorites (enchiladas, flautas, tacos, etc.)

But where do we go for a delicious gordita? – Fun Fact. A gordita is a Mexican flatbread made from cornmeal and stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables, or a sweet filling. – You’d be surprised to find out that many Mexican restaurants in the Sun City don’t offer gorditas on their menu. So I went on a gordita hunt.

1. Gorditas Tony’s

On my quest, I found a place called Gorditas Tony’s, located at 6590 Montana, near Airway. The place doesn’t look too pretty from the outside, but don’t let that fool you. They had a line that extended outside of the restaurant, and I quickly realized why these folks didn’t mind waiting. The flatbread and all of the fillings, in this case, the Deshebrada en Verde, perfectly complimented each other. The flatbread is made in-house, which is a must if you’re looking to get that real Juarez-style experience.

2. El Taquito

On my second stop of my gordita tour, I didn’t have to travel far. I was recommended a place called El Taquito, 1422 Airway Blvd Ste E. This place has all of your favorites, from Caldo de Res to taquitos, but the Picadillo Gordita is the real winner here. The flatbread was made to perfection.. all you’ll need is some green or red salsa and your taste buds will keep you coming back for more.

3. Delicious Mexican Eatery

The third and final stop of the gordita hunt led me to Delicious Mexican Eatery, located at 3314 Fort Blvd. This place has made several of our lists before, so I had a feeling the gorditas weren’t going to disappoint… and they didn’t. They’re served with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and a ton of cheese, but one thing that stood out is the way the meat soaked into the flatbread, which made for an amazing experience every single bite, it’s basically to die for. Try it.

There were many other places that were recommended to me, but I’m only one guy that can handle so many gorditas, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments and maybe I’ll come by soon. 🙂