It all started in 1984 with an order of Tripitas – “nuetra especialidad” or “our specialty” as the staff at Tacos Don Cuco proudly mentions when you ask what is recommended. The small taco joint located at 3027 Alameda has grown into seven locations across El Paso and Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Step into any one of them and it is guaranteed that you’ll be greeted by a staff that is obviously proud to call this place their job… and who wouldn’t? This isn’t any regular place to work. It takes a salsa master to make those ten different varieties of Mexican hot sauce at the salsa bar (and make them taste amazing every single time.) And if you’re like me, a salsaholic, they allow you to pour as much as you want, without those evil stares that you get at other places.

The taco meat is marinated all night long before it is cooked just moments before you walk in, sometimes right in front of you via the open grill. Their best sellers, as mentioned, is the Tripitas, as well as Pastor and of course barbacoa. An order, or 4 tacos are $3.49 for Tripitas, and the rest vary from $4.59 to $5.59. (Side note: you can order your favorite meat frozen, in case you want to take it home and cook it yourself.)

Your tacos will arrive a bit plain, with your choice of meat thrown on top of four corn tortillas. But that’s a good thing. Remember the salsa bar I was talking about? You’ll want to head over there asap, where aside from those ten different salsas (Chipotle being my favorite), you’ll come across a whole other section complete with diced cucumbers, limes, cabbage, onions, and celery… which you’re going to want to just throw it all on there if you want that true Tacos Don Cuco Instagram photo. Fold it as good as you can (good luck) and bite down to open the gates to Mexican heaven. (Gracias a Dios)

Other worthy menu-mentions are the Quesadilla Don Cuco and of course the agua frescas. Tacos Don Cuco recently opened their seventh location in west El Paso. Add this place to your must-go El Paso restaurants list, and come by soon!

Tacos Don Cuco El Paso locations

3027 Alameda, Suite C (915) 533-3391
5901 Alameda, Suite 7 (915) 843-2252
115 Americas, Suite H (915) 859-0076
12430 Edgemere Blvd., Suite 203 (915) 921-6333
1831 Zaragoza Rd. Suite 105 (915) 270-9311
8136 North Loop Dr. (915) 591-0770
5801 N. Mesa St. El Paso TX. (915) 307-6707

Sunland Park location

871 McNutt Rd., Sunland Park. NM (575) 589-1463