When I was a kid, my brothers, sister and I would stuff our sandwiches with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos… it was our thing… and we loved it.

So when I heard about Toro Burger’s new Flamin’ Queso Burger I knew that it was a special gift from the burger Gods. At first sight, it looks like a bunch of hot Cheetos with queso in between two buns, but there’s a juicy patty in there as well. You probably won’t want to add any other toppings. As expected, this monster packs a mouthful of flavor, from the popular well-done all beef patty(a Toro special,) to the hot queso poured over those crunchy Cheetos… this baby is one burger that needs to become an El Paso special.

But it isn’t. And it goes away on March 31. It’s the burger of the month at Toro Burger Bar. The restaurant has two locations in El Paso; 6590 Montana Ave and 1050 Sunland Park Drive Ste 700. Be sure to stop by this week, or you’ll miss it forever. 🍔

Update: Toro Burger has added the Hot Cheetos Burger to their everyday menu!