We’ve all seen those behind the scenes news bloopers.. a reporter accidently swears on live TV, or the wrong footage is shown, etc.

But here in El Paso, when the news cameras go off, our crews have been known to get a little wild. In 2008, KVIA AND KDBC were covering a drag racing event. It wasn’t long after the cameras turned off and the crowd became rowdy, eventually convincing the news crews to meet on the drag strip.

The two news vans, which can cost anywhere from $600,000 to $2 million each, eventually put that pedal to the metal and gave the crowd what they really came for… although it is unclear who won the race.

It is said that the driver of the KDBC van was fired, while the driver of the KVIA van is now the current news anchor for the station. The video was also featured on Anderson Cooper, who poked fun at the El Paso crews.

Stay classy El Paso.