A massive art project is underway along the border.

It’s called El Paso-Juárez Mágico. Once complete, 200 homes from the Anapra neighborhood in Juárez will be combined to form a giant rainbow-colored mural. It’ll be the largest mural in Mexico. It will then cross the border into El Paso for all of Juárez to see. The El Paso portion of the mural will be on a concrete wall on I-10 near UTEP, facing Juarez.

The non-profit project is an effort to beautify what El Paso sees of the Anapra neighborhood in Juárez. The neighborhood is one of the poorest in the region, littered with drugs and crime. El Paso-Juárez Mágico hopes the project will bring pride to the region.

TheJuárez portion of the project will be complete in October of 2018, then the El Paso side will begin.

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