Give any El Pasoan over the age of 25 the name of any top five Green Day song and chances are they’ll know the lyrics.. or at least the main chorus (which is good enough.)

So when the band announced that they were coming to town last year, El Paso 411 fans naturally went nuts. The punk rock group, which originated in 1986, have performed in the Sun City numerous of times, including a warm up gig at Tricky Falls in 2013, which sold out all 1,500 (very tight) spots in just 24 hours. Holdmyticket, the company selling tickets for the show at that time says more than 20,000 people tried to buy tickets back then.

So to put things into perspective: tonight’s Green Day show in El Paso is pretty fu*king big.

The show at the El Paso Coliseum is not sold out, however, less than 70 tickets were left at $61.50 each as of 4:00 p.m. The show starts at 7 p.m.