The star on the mountain has gone dark.

No, the city didn’t finally close it down, (that was an April Fools prank last year.) So what’s going on? According to Patrick Espinoza from the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the agency in charge of the star, a switch that is attached to a transformer on the mountain malfunctioned about three weeks ago. The switch works with a timer that automatically turns the star on and off every day.

The star was set to be fixed by last Friday when the new switch arrived. Unfortunately, the switch was not compatible… so back to the factory it went. In the meantime, someone has to drive up the mountain around 5 p.m. every day and then hike down to the center of the star and flip the switch. Then again at 6 a.m. to turn it off.

It’s a lot of work, and according to Espinoza, it’s too much for the crew.. so they’re leaving the star off… unless the agency receives a donation to light the star.

The star is sponsored by public donations. It costs $50 to light the star in honor of someone or something, and anyone can do it. So if you don’t mind sending some dude down the mountain at 6 a.m., by all means, light up the star. For more information or to light up the star, call (915) 534-0500