Chico's Tacos Upgrades to New Sturdier Bowls2

UPDATE: The mystery has been solved. Read here.

Times are changing at Chico’s Tacos.

Recent news of their second oldest location closing to make way for a CVS struck a nerve with loyal customers back in August. And remember when they replaced the paper bowls to more sturdier, cardboard-like bowls? And no, they still don’t accept debit/credit cards.


But now, many customers are saying that Chico’s has changed the cheese. As long as anyone can remember, a single or double came topped with a lump of finely shredded cheese that would melt into the soup. But today, the cheese is much thicker, and when it melts, it’s very stringy and chewy.

Chico’s Tacos hasn’t said anything about the changes, and phone calls asking for comment were never returned. So the mystery remains… what is in that Chico’s Tacos cheese.

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