This guy in California has 'El Chuco' license plates

El Pasoans are all over the world.

And we’re not shy to share that we’re from here. However, that is usually done in the form of a t-shirt or an El Paso Chihuahuas cap. However, when pride runs deep (and believe me it can run very, very blood deep), we represent. So when I saw these plates that said El Chuco, I knew we had a standout.

The plates are owned by Eddie Gonzalez, who if you haven’t noticed, is a die-hard Steelers fan, among his love for his hometown. He reps the Sun City along with his 2015 Chevy Impala on the streets of Los Angeles… and in the hearts of many El Pasoans needing a little reminder of home…. 800 miles away.

Thumbs up, Eddie… just don’t ever find yourself in a high-speed chase.

This guy in California has 'El Chuco' license plates2