get-your-5-gourmet-burger-and-fries-today-in-el-pasoIn case you haven’t noticed, the burger industry is booming in El Paso. According to public record, there are 108 restaurants that have the word “burger” in their name in El Paso — that’s a lot of burger joints.

From the mediocre frozen patty’s to down right heart attack in between two buns, to creativity, and of course taste, we searched the city of El Paso to bring you our top eleven burger joints you should have tried by now, with help from our wonderful fans.

1. Chuco Burgers

Top 5 Local Burger Joints in El Paso chuco burgers

This place doesn’t look like much from the outside, perhaps a little scary.. but as soon as you take a step inside, you are welcomed by some of the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet at a burger joint. Even the owner, Chuco, will make you feel like family. The burgers are perfectly cooked and seasoned, served fresh (steam rising from the patty and cheese dripping onto the paper.) Order the double meat, double cheese with homemade fries.

Chuco Burgers and Dogs
1201 Lafayette Dr


2. Frisco Burger Inn

Top 5 Local Burger Joints in El Paso Frisco

Frisco’s is every bit as good as the hype. Burgers are big, juicy and flavorful. You can have it simple (green chile and yellow American), or you can have it dragged through the garden. Either way, you’re guaranteed a great burger

Frisco Burger Inn
3111 N Yarbrough Dr

3. Rosco’s Burger Inn

Top 5 Local Burger Joints in El Paso Roscos

One of El Paso’s oldest burger spots, Rosco’s comes in third place. This place grills the onions into the patty. These are one of the sloppiest, yummiest burgers in town. Pour some of their homemade green salsa for an extra kick.

Rosco’s Burger Inn
3829 Tompkins Rd

4. PapaBurgers

Top 5 Local Burger Joints in El Paso Papaburger

Small restaurant, BIG burgers! Papaburgers features old fashioned delicious hamburgers, though their Chiara Burger is in a class by itself. Good food and service the place is always packed. Their endless menu of burgers will give you a reason to come back for more.

2519 N Piedras St

5. Panda Burgers

Top 5 Local Burger Joints in El Paso Panda

No, this place does not sell actual panda burgers, however their huge (creative) selection is guaranteed to satisfy any burger craving you may have. See the picture? That’s a taco burger, yes… a burger with two carne asada tacos inside. Other menu options include the tripita burger and the macho (spicy) burger.

Panda Burgers
10780 Pebble Hills Blvd

6. Fat Bun

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by now fat bun

Fat Bun has made a name for themselves thanks to their delicious Fat Bun burger that is served, well on a fat bun. Maybe it’s the way they perfectly season and cook the patty, or maybe they’ve mastered how to place just the perfect amount of fresh lettuce and tomato. Try the Juarez burger!

Fat Bun
800 N Yarbrough Dr

7. Tutu’s Burger

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by now tutus

Tutu’s has been introducing a unique lineup of burgers that has had us return over and over all year round. From the El Pastor burger, which includes steamed chipotle cheese, el pastor meat, and topped with pineapple and tutu sauce, the Philly burger, and the carne asada burger — all equally delicious.

Tutu’s Burger
1641 N Zaragoza Rd

8. Independent Burger & Bar

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by nowIndependent Burger & Bar

Independent Burger probably has the largest group of unique burgers on any menu in the city, you’ll wish you had enough space to try at least two. They’re located in the new Montecillo smart code neighborhood in west El Paso.

Independent Burger & Bar
5001 N Mesa St

9. Crave Kitchen & Bar

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by now crave

Everyone knows about Crave’s $5 Tuesday burger night. The place is a local favorite known for their craft burgers, such as the chile bomber, which comes with a whole grilled chile. Get the sweet potato waffle fries!

Crave Kitchen & Bar
11990 Rojas Dr + more

10. Hot and Juicy

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by now hot and juicy

You really can’t go wrong with anything on Hot and Juicy’s menu. They just know how to make good burgers. They have that homemade taste and a simple menu, yet enough of a variety. One of their best-known burgers is the Kong, which has six patties and six cheese slices. Of course, for those not so daring, there is the popular Bookemdano, which has grilled pineapple, glaze, and swiss American cheese.

Hot and Juicy
6303 N Mesa St

11. Steve-O’s

11 burger joints in El Paso you should have tried by now steve-o

The first time I ever ate a burger with an egg in it was from the Steve-O’s food truck. They’ve grown into a full-fledged restaurant and have expanded their menu, however, fans continue to return for their burgers, which includes the Hellpaso Burger. They even have a Green chili veggie burger.

1491 N Lee Trevino Dr