Nuovo Cappetto suddenly closes again, blames streetcar project

The Italian restaurant Nuovo Cappetto closed their doors for good again Monday afternoon after blaming the city’s streetcar project for the slow business.

This isn’t the first time the restaurant closes without notice to employees and their loyal customers. Back in 2012, an El Paso 411 article states that the owner suddenly closed the doors of Cappetto’s, another popular restaurant located on Montana street. It was open for more than fifty-five years, again leaving many without employment or any previous notice. Back then, customers expressed concern over their remaining balance left on gift cards. It is unclear what will happen to those cards from this new location, however, the article states that other local Italian restaurants honored the balance on the cards at that time.

Construction of the streetcar project in front of the shopping center which houses Nuovo Cappettos began this month, however other restaurants have not closed their doors. The streetcar project was initially to begin during the holidays, however business owners expressed their concern during a town hall meeting, so it was moved. The city also installed signage and opened up a new path for customers to enter the shopping center.

It is unclear if the owner will once again return under the same name, or perhaps a new one.