Charcoaler closes for good in one week

Business is booming for one last time at this west El Paso fast food joint.

The Charcoaler has been non-stop serving their famous flame-grilled burgers ever since they announced that they will close their doors on January 31. Hundreds upon hundreds of cars have lined up for about a mile down the road filled with fans hoping to get one last bite of deliciousness. The drive-up and eat in your car concept has been a local icon since it opened for the business in 1961.

The Charcoaler quickly built a reputation after opening the first ever drive through in El Paso. They served fresh ground meat, served with their signature sauce, topped with pickles and onions. Fast forward 55 years, the restaurant still holds on to the hearts of thousands of El Pasoans. With one week left in their existence, lines are sure to get even longer for those hoping to get one more bite of El Paso history.

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