El Paso's Star on the Mountain is Turning Off for Good

The iconic star on the Franklin Mountains is going dark.

Officials announced today that the star will be turned off at the end of the month due to budget cuts. It has been a bright representation of the city, overlooking El Paso since 1940.

“Unfortunately, the 459 bulbs used to illuminate the star, and climbing electricity rates have made this project too costly for the city,” said finance manager Asti Ekoj. “We have decided that it is in the best interest of the city that we replace the star with something more cost efficient.”

So what will replace the star? A massive 459 ft by 278 ft piece of metal. It will be laid directly over the old star and will reflect the sun throughout the day. Officials say the new piece of metal will save the city thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Engineers will begin dismantling the star one bulb at a time beginning in the middle of the month, until there are no more. On the final day they will lay out the large metal star in place, which will take about one day to complete.

“Residents of this great city get to keep what they want, and we save the city some money in the process,” said Ekoj. “It’s a no brainer. Actually, this whole story is a no brainer. It’s not true. My name this year is Its A Joke, spelled backwards. Happy April Fools!”

2 El Paso's Star on the Mountain is Turning Off for Good