Watch- Official 2015 Fred Loya Christmas Light Show

The 2015 Fred Loya Christmas Light Show official video has been released.

This year, the Loyas upgraded the show to more than 450,000 technicolor lights, spotlights, and ornaments, some of which were made and shipped across the nation specifically for the show in the East El Paso neighborhood. Another new addition, is a DJI Phantom 3 drone, which filmed the entire show from the sky. The 2015 show features pretty much the same music we’ve seen throughout the years – except for one new addition; Silentó’s 2015 hit song Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).

The show was programed by Esteban DeLa Torre, directed by Erick DeNava and filmed by Paul Hernandez.


WARNING: We recommend seeing the house in person before you watch this video! But if you can’t wait, click play!!


Watch: 2015 Fred Loya Christmas Light Show

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Fred Loya 2015 Christmas Light Show Schedule/Map

Shows are expected to begin on Thanksgiving weekend, with the first on Friday November 27 and continuing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings until December 27. See below for dates and times.

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