Uban Dictionary's Definition of 'El Paso' is Offensive, Yet Hilarious

El Paso has several nicknames… Sun City, Chuco Town, Hellpaso, etc…

But the Urban Dictionary has a whole different description of our lovely city.

“A crumbling metropolis spread over two countries, actually El Paso/Juarez, with some of the finest women and hottest food in the country,” it says. “Lots of strip joints, low violent crime rate, very cheap weed, and one angry fu**ing cra**er named Scott Durbin who’s tired of motherfu**ers talking sh*t about his home.” It was submitted by someone with the username Scott Durbin, according to the website.

WTF? This isn’t the only description of our city. Eighteen other user-submissions are on display for anyone to see, unfortunately most of them negative. Sure they are funny, but they paint a bad image of our city.

But the best one, in my opinion is number 4, submitted by Paco Belmondo. It reads “El Paso is what we make it. Don’t give people a reason to trash talk our city by being only the best you can be,” it says. “Ask not what El Paso can do for you, but what you can do for El Paso. Stop being selfish and greedy and think about what legacy you shall leave for your grand city. You can be a traitor or a patriot. The choice is simple if you ask me.”

The good news is anyone can go onto the page and thumb up or thumb down a submission. So do your city a favor and hit thumbs up to number 4, or better yet, submit your own positive description of El Paso.