Alamo Drafthouse is Probably the Best, Most Awesome Theater in El Paso

The walls are finally going up for El Paso’s first Alamo Drafthouse.

What the heck is an Alamo Drafthouse you ask? It’s a super fancy high-tech movie theater that serves up beer and gourmet meals — while you enjoy your film. Picture a cinema and restaurant, complete with servers, in one awesome combination. The company shows anything from blockbusters to oddities, to first-run and independent films, as well as special screenings.

Alamo Drafthouse is Probably the Best, Most Awesome Theater in El Paso 2The menu features the finest in craft beer as well as food, made from scratch in their state of the art kitchens, by an actual chef, and then served directly to your seat… quietly of course. Speaking of being quiet, Alamo Drafthouse has a zero tolerance policy for those of you that like to text or talk during a film. No really, they’ll kick you out if you don’t shut it.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in El Paso will be a state-of-the art theater with eight screens. Each auditorium will be equipped with Sony 4K Digital Cinema Projection. Select auditoriums will feature RealD 3D. The cinema will also have 35mm projection capabilities, which the Alamo will use to screen rare and archival prints of select films. In addition, the cinema will also feature an adjacent stand-alone bar named Glass Half Full that will focus on hand-crafted quality cocktails – both original and classic – and a large selection of world-class draft and bottled beers.

So, Alamo.. hurry up and get built because El Paso is ready to enjoy our new kick ass movie theater while sipping on a cold brew.


(P.S. They’re hiring!)