Haunted El Paso- Underground School Bus

It’s a story told countless of times. A school bus, buried underground in far East El Paso.

The origins of the urban legend date back to the 1950’s. A single man goes insane after the loss of his only young daughter in a tragic school bus accident. Trying to rebuild his life, yet failing at every attempt, the man eventually turns his attention at recovering the junked school bus that his daughter passed away in. It didn’t take long for him to find the abandoned bus, or whatever was left of it.


Piece by piece, the man towed the bus late at night into a vacant land located miles outside of El Paso city limits. Eventually rebuilding half of it. The bus stood out like a sore thumb during the day. Bright yellow, in the middle of the desert. Worried that someone would notice, he eventually moved the bus underground where it became a basement to a cabin-like home he also built.

He would spend many evenings inside the underground bus, seeking his beloved daughters presence. He would picture her in his mind. 6 years old, beautiful blue eyes, dark blonde hair and that cute red dress she loved to wear all the time. Unfortunately, her presence never came.

The man went insane.

One day he drove to his daughters old elementary school in El Paso. The sight of hundreds of children playing and laughing was overwhelming. He wanted a little girl. He looked to his right, in his mirror he could see a child walking towards his truck. A little girl with stunning blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Could it be? His daughter? He couldn’t believe it. The man opened the door, and grabbed the little girl before speeding away.

Shortly after arriving to his cabin in the desert, he realized that wasn’t his daughter at all. Worried that he would be in trouble, the man locked her in the underground bus. He would feed her and care for her as if she were his. Unfortunately, not feeling the love of his daughter, the man grew more insane and into a deep depression. He would drive back to the elementary school in El Paso almost every day. Eventually kidnapping nearly half a dozen more little girls and storing them in the bus located under his house.

The public went mad. Search groups spread across the city with no luck. No one knew where these little girls were. Until one day. A fire broke out in far East El Paso. The cabin was engulfed in flames. A little girl broke free and set fire to the house. Unfortunately, killing the other girls underground. The man? He was never seen again.

The house burned to the ground, leaving a hole that lead to the underground bus. Remains of the bus and burned wood are at the property to this day. Visitors say they have heard children playing inside the bus late at night. While others experience other paranormal activity before even entering the property.

The bus is located on private property. You may need permission to enter the property. El Paso 411 assumes no responsibility for those that decide to use this information for anything other than that.

The underground bus is located in Far East El Paso, about 17 miles from Montana and Joe Battle. Directions: Starting from Montana and Joe Battle (TX Loop 375), head East on Montana Ave for 7.6 miles until you reach Oleary Dr. Turn left onto Oleary Dr., drive for 2 miles. Turn right onto Gus Hickerson Dr. The road will turn into a dirt path, continue for half a mile until you see the burned down house. Coordinates: 31.850541,-106.133217

Click here to see a video of two guys going into the school bus.