Haunted El Paso- Six Poles

This is the urban tale of Six Poles.

Located in East El Paso, long ago early in the century existed a slaughterhouse for animals. The small, yet busy warehouse employed nearly one dozen men. Many of them would often spend double, sometimes triple shifts to meet the company’s demands. Unfortunately that proved unsafe as workers eventually began to injure themselves due to lack of attention because of no sleep.

Struggling with a short staff, the company searched for new, cheap labor. They reached out to women in the El Paso/Juarez area. One woman named Esmeralda was among the few lucky selected. Esmeralda was anxious and eager to begin her new position as a butcher. She loved everything about the job. Except two things… Those large, sharp carving knifes and the massive meat hooks hanging on the walls that surround her.

They made her nervous. At times, she slowed down production because she was trying to be too careful. Eventually the company warned her: speed up, or you’re out.

Worried that she would lose her only source of income, Esmeralda set her fear aside and moved quickly as she was asked. Unfortunately, one day she made a wrong move. A large knife came crashing down the cutting table, where her hands prepared the animal carcusus. She jumped back to avoid the blade. When she realized she made a mistake. Too late. Her body was pinned on a large meat hook. In a split second the weight of her body dragged the hook towards the table. The knife fell onto her head, slicing it off her body.

The company closed shortly after. Many say the company shut it’s doors because the spirit of Esmeralda haunts the property. Eye witnesses swear they could hear and see a woman moan in pain and sorrow at night. Other visitors to the area say they have seen a woman carrying her head on her waist, and a bloody scene behind her.

Today, six pillars exist on the property. All breaking apart due to age. Take a look closer and you’ll spot what looks like blood stains on the poles and shards of glass on the ground around it. A dirt path leads you to the entrance where a slab of concrete sits with strange letters and symbols on it. As you enter, you see a sun dial with another concrete slab on the side, also with strange letters and patterns on it. The words inscribed read “Toward the Morn and Rising Sun”. On the other side it says “That I may live to see one more turn of this October sun.” The concrete that the poles stand on resemble a compass with the North and South points, however no East or West.

Many say it is the spot where satanic cults used to gather in the 70’s to conduct rituals. Some say, they have demonic experiences as they walk near the pillars, while others simply feel nothing but dread.

This spot is located on private property. You may need permission to enter the property. El Paso 411 assumes no responsibility for those that decide to use this information for anything other than that.

Six Poles is located in East El Paso, in between EPCC Mission Del Paso and Mission Early College High School. From EPCC, you walk towards the back, down Old Hueco Tanks Rd. You’ll see a large house. Six Poles is located behind the house. Coordinates are: 31.6770134,-106.2662726