Haunted El Paso- Hole in the Wall

Long ago, in the 1800’s existed La Isla.

A small church and a cemetery located just across the street. According to public record, La Isla, or The Island, was named after the region it was situated on, which was in between two intersecting rivers, fed by the Rio Grande. The area was settled and named by Mexico before any of the land became part of the United States. Eventually, in 1848, after the Rio Grande became the boundary between the United States and Mexico. Water ceased to flow through the rivers as a result and the area died out, including the church.

This is where the urban legend begins. It is said that a Priest took over the church shortly after, breathing new life into the old building. However, that was short lived. One day, the Priest went insane, killing all of the nuns and children that resided in the small church. They were all buried across the street at La Isla Cemetery. Legend says that the Priest lived an alternative life and was possessed by the devil.

The church was abandoned after the killings and the cemetery became home to farm workers and servants living in the area. Eventually, the cemetery was also abandoned.

The area is said to have been taken over by Satan worshipers, who made the cemetery their home. Remains of the bodies buried in the cemetery were used to perform satanic rituals. Visitors have said to have discovered burned human skulls and bones. The iron gates of the cemetery even have upside down crosses, symbolizing the anti-christ. Strange symbols line the outside of the church and cemetery.

Today, the land sits vacant. Visitors say they sense a sinister feeling the moment turn onto the street, even before getting out of their cars. Broken tomb stones and empty graves fill the area. Some people say they see the figure of a man working in the cemetery. When they approach him, he’s no where to be seen. Some say this is the priest.

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The area was nicknamed Hole in the Wall, after a nearby street. It is located in Fabens, TX. For security purposes, the location has been removed from this article.