Six Flags Borderland Coming to El Paso

Six Flags is coming home to El Paso.

It’s been nearly ten years since El Paso has had an amusement park within its city limits, but that soon will be changing. El Paso officials and Six Flags have announced plans for a new 250-acre amusement park. The park will be located in the old Asarco property in West El Paso, according to officials.

“We listened to the people of El Paso, and their voice was loud and clear. They want an amusement park,” said El Paso Spokesman Lirpa Sloof. “We’re proud to welcome Six Flags to our city and are confident that this will be something that will benefit our community.”

The deal has been a work in progress for just over a year. According to Sloof, Six Flags reached out to El Paso officials after proposals for a northeast waterpark were submitted for bidding last year. Officials abandoned plans for the waterpark shortly after and switched focus to the Asarco property, as requested by Six Flags. has confirmed with Asarco Trustees that the organization has sold a “large portion” of the 458 acre property, however wouldn’t elaborate as details of the sale were still pending as of Wednesday morning.

Six Flags: Borderland

Six Flags Borderland Coming to El Paso 2Officials at Six Flags were unavailable for comment, however a spokesperson released the following statement: “We are thrilled to announce plans for our newest amusement park: Six Flags Borderland in El Paso, Texas. The park will be situated over 200 acres along the United States and Mexico border, hence the name.

Six Flags Borderland will be one of our largest in the nation, with ten roller coasters, including popular attractions such as our newest, Batman: The Ride, as well as Iron Rattler, Gunslinger and Skyscreamer. A separate 50 acre water park will join the park and will feature our most popular water rides such as Bahama Blaster, Whirpool and Big Bender.”

Construction for Six Flags Borderland will begin in October and will be built in three phases. The first is set to be completed by Summer 2016, which will mark the grand opening for the park. The second phase will begin immediately after and will open in the following season. The final phase will be completed in time for the 2018 season, according to agreement details provided by El Paso officials.

Six Flags Borderland Coming to El Paso 3The park will cost an estimated $350 million. Officials will provide $35 million in tax breaks over a 20 year agreement that includes a list of requirements that Six Flags must meet, including following the construction schedule, El Paso-style amenities, and an average admission charge between $15-$20 on regular days.

“El Paso is ready for first-class entertainment. We would be fools to pass on this deal,” said Sloof. “This is an unbelievable opportunity that our city just never gets, which is why we decided to make the announcement on April Fools Day. That’s right, it’s not true. Six Flags is not coming to El Paso. My name? It’s April Fools spelled backwards.”

Photos courtesy Six Flags Over Texas

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment/informational purposes only; it is an April Fools joke. The city of El Paso, Mayor Leeser, nor Six Flags have participated in the article. This article should not be considered factual.