Watch 'El Paso' Song Goes Viral in IrelandA new song titled “El Paso” is taking the music world by storm in Ireland.

The song is written by Irish artist David Keenan, however it is not about the El Paso we all know and love; it’s actually about a town called Dundalk. It is located in Ireland and is nicknamed after El Paso due to it’s position close to the border with Northern Ireland.

The song went viral on social media after a video was uploaded showing Keenan singing during a taxi ride following a gig. Although the song isn’t about the real El Paso, Keenan says he is familiar with our city and it’s history. 

“[El Paso] has always had that link as far as I can remember with my hometown of Dundalk,” he said during a recent interview with El Paso 411. “It’s a place I’d love to visit given the history of the place and the fact that it’s on the border with Mexico. It’s a place I want to travel to soon.”

The song is so popular, Keenan says many people, including El Paso natives have reached out to him to offer support.

El Paso the song

The song was Keenan’s first original song, written when he was just 15 years old. Now 21, Keenan says El Paso is about his good memories in his hometown.

It’s about growing up and memories from your youth,” he said. “it’s about dreaming of getting back to the safety of your Hometown and the things that remind you of it.

Lyrics: El Paso

I was told long ago that you would learn more on a building site than you would in school, I don’t know who’s to know in El Paso, Friday nights the floodlights you’d hear us roar sing The town until we die then our throats went sore, we have grown on the road to El Paso, Photographs on your mantle piece they fade sitting at some bus stop in the pouring in your mind things that you’ve seen, now the shoes on the other foot how does that feel ? If you want to go i’ll take you there feel the rain on your face in the morning air lets go back take me back to El Paso. 

Take a walk, take a walk down the Echo road I’ll be waiting don’t you know I’ll be waiting. If you want to go I’ll take you there feel the rain on your face in the morning air lets go back take me back to El Paso. 

Going around with your tie and your briefcase with a look on your face like I’m a waste of space take me back take me back to El Paso.

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